Some women love Feminine Men! Why?

Is Wendy Williams a man, a woman or both?

Or just a really feminine gay man who dresses like a woman?

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Wendy Williams is a XXX entertainer, but just because she’s this months featured celebrity Wendy’s quite the opposite of any Hollywood snob. It will only takes a couple of seconds of conversation with Wendy, to realize that Wendy’s a down-home southern transsexual, who just really enjoys the simple life.

Williams loves traveling, shopping, advanced social networking and interracial gang-bangs. So maybe Williams isnt exactly what youd call a normal transsexual but that why Wendy is intriguing way more than a most of the othe XXX entertainers. Williams is keeping it real and is focusing her Transsexual “life-energy” on what limited numbers of men can relate to: hot Transsexual sex? Ha! Get it? What Im saying is that Transsexual porn is better than reality TV. Wendy is a “very interesting individual” with a mind that only Wendy has.

Enough with any kind of social commentary! Heres the Wendy Williams story in a nutshell:

Wendy Williams whose hot for a femme-guy who took his feminism to a whole other level, was born almost thirty years ago, to a couple of small-town Kentuckians (yes, thats what theyre called); who freaked out, when they realized their ‘son’ was not like other boys.They attempted to change him but their attempts were futile, so they shipped Wendy down the street to be raised by his great-grandmother. Years went by without much “fussing” or “fighting”, granny was cool! Then Williams left to go to college in a bigger city. This was where Wendy learned to dress and act like a woman. Williams spent a few years in a “monogamous relationship” with a man after college and then Wendy started doing porn. Nows a modern day mega-star, with multiple websites, movie deals, and a red hot You-tube channel of her very own.

The Guardian recently got Williams on the phone, to find out what happens when people stop “being polite” and start “getting real”. I mean to find out what happens when men from Kentucky, stop being men and start being women with male parts who have “sex” with men on camera. Then they “sell the footage” to other “men” who swear up down that theyre straight?

Wendy Williams has four of five blogs and about nine websites. William goes on to say that her hate club is as big as her fan club but Williams claims that it keeps Williams motivated. Williams still lives in Kentucky part-time, going on to say that its “not the best place to live” and Williams “hid” until after graduating high school. After going to college William was introduced to the gay life style, then Williams moved to Cincinnati and started living full-time as a women, then Williams met a man and moved to Florida and started living full time as a woman. Williams says its easier to deal with the “stigma” of being a “Transsexual that is living in Kentucky” because Williams says that (s)he doesn’t care what people “think” anymore. The people in Kentucky, are more shocked about Williams doing porn, then about Williams sexual orientation and Williams family has been very supportive of Williams these days.

Williams mother was proud when Williams won the AVN award. She was so happy that she read everything about it on my my-space page, but it’s still hard for William’s dad but William says “everybody in his family is cool”. William goes on to say that most of Williams family thinks that William is in sales. Williams swears he has always been gay and has never had sex with vagina maybe except for Buck Angel and that was the only time Williams has ever had intercourse with vagina. Williams stated that having sex with a women was “weird”, that he felt a “weird feeling” that freaked him out when he was about to orgasm and Williams said; Whoa what was that? Williams went on to say; I know that its very common for people in my line of work to have sex, with all types of people but Im different. I turn down girl-on-girl and TS/TS stuff all the time, because Im just not into it. The “transsexual community” takes all types, but thats not my cup of tea.

Williams says that all the she male, chick with a dick stuff, has been created by the “porn industry” to sell DVDs. Its just a “marketing tool” and it works, so Im okay with it. Williams doesn’t like it when straight companies jump on the “transsexual wagon”; with stuff like My Uncle is My Aunt or I Sucked my Sisters Dick.Williams says those are stupid titles and its “disgusting” and “degrading” to transsexuals. William’s says; I cant tell you how many meetings Ive been to, where someone has introduced me as a transvestite or a man. Producers should really try to get familiar with transsexuals because our genre is rapidly becoming a top seller in the industry.

OK, I like Feminine men, I admit it. Let me explain the type of guy that I like; he’s the type of man with a lot of feminine qualities. He’s very sweat, he likes to cook, he likes to clean, and if you close your eyes you might “even imagine” that your with a women. But guess what? Those men, that I like, are men! I mean, weather Wendy choses to realize this or not, he will always, deep down inside be a man. No matter how much he would like to fake the whole world out, by pretending to be a women. He’s just a very, very, very, feminine gay man, who has a lot of womanly qualities and that’s all I see, when I look at Wendy. Hey, I’m a women and I’m not mad, that Wendy’s gay or that he’s claiming to be one of my kind. But I think he could have stayed a “man” and “been gay” and been himself, yes he is a very “feminine man” but he’s still a man. There are guys like Wendy out there, who don’t have “sex-changes” or “boob-implants” and no-one gets mad at them either, for being gay or heterosexual. In fact there’s women like me in the world who love heterosexual-feminine-men.

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