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Here’s the New Site!

Go to the new
middle finger fuck you off flipping bird
This is for the people responsible for hacking this site!

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I’m upgrading everything technical…

That’s right party people, the XXX World Of Porn will be upgrading to a new site created on another host site. Why? Hackers… God Bless you guys… It’s amazing the service and things you can get if you pay…

No, I’m not RICH but I’m also not stupid! Thanks very, very much… My personal info will remain private from now on…

Why because either my compitition, a jelouse idiot or Ryan, Jeremy, Mike, or Bill or would like to see the owner of this site distroyed and in financial ruin. And trust me the hackers have cost me 100’s of hours of time and money.

But no more!

My new sites name will be the two capitol I’s at the end for 2nd… It will have a pimped out front page that’s kicken… I will be taking a couple of days off due to stress…

I also will be changing all the rest of my sites from yahoo to myspace to twitter to facebook.

T-mobile has given me a 50% discount on a new T-mobil phone that will cost me $150. I complained and said the G-1’s security system sucks because spywear can be attached to it, and a hacker has free will over it. My sugestion if you own or run any kind of enternet biz or have tech savie enemys DO NOT buy the G-1 phone…

Hackers have coast me $400 bucks…

But it’s cool because the site will be better. Thanks wordpress for helping me decide to move the site with your shitty security…

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Storys from

Virgin Supposedly shuns $1million porn shoot in space

Maratta, Carlo (1625-1713) in the workshop of - The Virgin And Angels, Musee Magnin, Dijon
Sources – THE boss of the world’s first space travel firm has revealed how a film producer attempted to hire the world’s most advanced space craft – to make a porn movie.

Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn has said he was baffled when he was approached by someone interested in hiring the whole spacecraft – only to find out he was a porn baron.

The Scots-born boss, who heads-up Virgin’s space tourism arm for Richard Branson, said that he didn’t know how much was on offer, but that money was clearly no object.

The 49-year-old said: “We hot approached by someone who turned out to be a porn-film maker who wanted to hire the whole ship.

Go and Read the rest of these story’s

Whack Magazine Interviews Tanner Mayes; Balls Turn Her On and Sex with Married Men

Tanner Mayes


18 months strong and counting It was April of 08, right before my 19th birthday. My “18 year old birthday”, one of the first scenes of mine released, was actually filmed on my 19th birthday. It was an easy role to act but I was still unsure of what to do. You can actually see the guy positioning me throughout the video and I queefed, like twice. It was humiliating.

SnapNames Scandal: Former exec. Rigged Auctions, bid up domain prices


from – SnapNames, the largest reseller of Web site names, Wednesday alleged that a former top executive [Nelson Brady- pictured]] secretly bid on tens of thousands of domain name auctions over the past four years, driving up costs for other bidders and enriching himself in the process.

SnapNames owner said it learned about a month ago that the executive had been bidding on its domain auctions in violation of company policy that bars employees from doing so.

Mason Cole, vice president of Oversee corporate communications, said the executive was dismissed Monday.

The company Wednesday began notifying affected customers via e-mail, stating that “in every auction where the employee’s fictitious account submitted a bid which resulted in a higher price being paid by the winning bidder, SnapNames will offer a rebate, with 5.22 percent interest (the highest applicable federal rate during the affected time period), to affect customers for the difference between the prices they actually paid and the prices they would have paid, had the employee not bid in the auctions.”

Lisa Ann at Spearmint Rhino in City of Industry

Lisa Ann


VENICE, CA – Lisa Ann’s never-ending feature dancing tour continues this weekend when she lights up the stage at the Spearmint Rhino in City of Industry for three nights.

From Thursday through Saturday she will be bringing America’s most anticipated show to her eager and loyal fans.

“I’m always honing my act to make it better and to keep it fresh for those who have seen me before,” Lisa says. “I want every show to be the best it can be and I really feel like I’ve hit my stride in these past few months. If the audience reaction is any indication—and it’s all about the fans—these are the best shows of my career.”

She will perform two shows Thursday and three each Friday and Saturday.

Fri: 9 pm, 11 pm and 1 am

Sat: 9 pm, 11 pm and 1 am

Stormy Daniels Headlines Diamond Cabaret’s 18th Anniversary Week

Stormy Daniels

LOS ANGELES, CA / DENVER, CO – Reinvented. The very word suggests new beginnings, a fresh start. It’s also the title of Stormy Daniels’ latest triumph as a contract performer/director for Wicked Pictures. And in the wake of the movie’s successful release, this dynamic entertainer is headed to the “Mile High City” itself, Denver Colorado, to spend an inventive three days headlining Diamond Cabaret’s 18th Anniversary Week.

Located at 1222 Glenarm in the heart of downtown Denver (just a half-block away from the newly expanded Colorado Convention Center), the Diamond Cabaret kicked off the festivities with a posh “preview” birthday bash November 4th, complete with cake and special prizes. Stormy joined the party November 5th, and will perform two shows nightly through Saturday November 7th.

Her Diamond Cabaret Anniversary Week engagement and the release of Reinvented come at a special time for Ms. Daniels, as it was recently announced in the press that the statuesque blonde had cracked the Top Five of Genesis Magazine’s Hot 100 list of the biggest stars in the adult industry.

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Some New Posts!

Poor Horse

CONWAY, SC — A South Carolina man caught on video having sex with a horse was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday after pleading guilty for the second time in two years to abusing the animal.
Rodell Vereen was also ordered never to go near the stable where the horse’s owner caught him and held him at shotgun-point. He apologized after admitting to buggery at the Horry County courthouse.
“I’m sorry about what I’ve done. I didn’t mean to do it. It’s my fault,” Vereen said during the court hearing.

Go and read the rest of these story’s at href=””>

Is Tommy Gun Hot

tommy gunn_topless

Cindy the owner of thinks Tommy Gun is hot!
I think Tommy Gunn is one of the hottest men in the porn biz. He spent some time teasing me on Twitter tonight. NOT EXACTLY the kind of teasing I would dream about. But from what he is saying, I am guessing he is heading to a different job soon. Remember, Twitter is backwards with the newest entry on the top….

Kaden is with Adam Eve, YES!

Kayden has been through a lot this year with her court case and all.  Adam Eve stood by her through it all, and took her side, put out press releases that stood up for her, always gave her a positive slant and the benefit of the doubt. Go to to read all the storys on this page.

Bill Margold Jumps On Bandwagon!

fat dirty old men

Retaliating to Sandra Bullock’s callous attempt to steal her daughter, adult entertainment superstar Janine Lindemulder will appear (appeared this morning) on ABC’s “Good Morning America” at 7am (PST) via satellite feed. Ms. Lindemulder is currently fulfilling her legal obligations.

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Shaving and Why I (the owner of this blog) can’t do it any more

Shaving and Why I can’t


written by Jade

Just to let all my readers know: I have been suffering of late, from an ingrown-hair turned staff-infection. One Doctor told me that: you have to wax your bikini area from now on!who knew? So I just watched a “pimple” turn into Mount Saint Hellenes, (hope that’s spelled right?)

So I went to see a Doctor that my X-sugar-daddy whose been twice-removed from my life ha recommended because in his words: the man saved his life? I guess God spared his life because that Doctor couldn’t save a cat from falling-off a very small bushes-short-limb. So the Doctor told me that: MUST WAX! And of course my dumb-ass just had to ask this smart-ass Jewish Doctor: WHY? He said: It’s either waxing or going threw this same painful-shit again, and I know you don’t want that? Nope! So I checked out the prices for a bikini wax and in my area that shit ain’t cheap, next I went to my neighborhood mall’s beauty-supply and bought the Brazilian-Waxing-kit. I was happy because it only cost $21.00 dollars vs $60 dollars: YES! ( more about the waxing later.)

Doctor quack said: “that I’d probably need to see a surgeon at a dermatologists office in 7 days,” because he said [I doubt(he mentions how the surgeon is his friend, whom he’s sending me too, whom charges $200 and up! With me having no insurance.) that the zit that you have on your leg, will not go away without surgery.] “Lucky me!” In the mean time the (*supper-zit*) or (*boil*) was getting, bigger and bigger! I did everything that the Doctor told me to do and “nothing worked!” I was so desperate and in serious pain that my crazy (desperate for any kind of relieve) ass, took a razor blade to the supper-zit: the first cut nothing, no blood, no puss, nothing, and I had too cut “DEEP”, we’re not talking about next to the surface kind of super-zit, we’re talking about past all the layers of skin zit: hell ya it hurt But it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would? So finally, by the third cut the super-zit started to bleed. “It took 20 something peaces of toilet paper and 2 paper towels before it stopped bleeding” (It was still huge!).

Everybody is always dissing AIM, well I went to GOOD, regular/non sexual disease Doctor, who had miss-diagnosed my condition: as an ingrown hair, he told me I was a center for “bacteria growth” and that this was NOT-CONTAGIOUS? NO TESTS–NOTHING! So two days after the attempt at relief, which only made my super-zit mad because it just got: BIGGER AND BIGGER!

So what was I to do?

Wait till it grew a head and a couple of leg’s like the alien, and tore out of my bikini area killing me instantly?

NO! I decided to do the educated thing, and get a “second opinion,” that’s when I decided on seeing the AIM Doctor, I just happened to have Doctor Quacks name on the prescription bottle he prescribed for me: when the AIM Doctor found out what Doctor Quack had given me and why, he told me: well he misdiagnosed you! You have a STAFF INFECTION, and you’ll have to finish taking the Antibiotics he gave you, and take the Antibiotics I give you too, which were the size of horse pill’s… YES! (that’s when I realized, that this month has really “SUCKED” health-wise for me.) So I was taking two Antibiotics until last Wen’s day, and still have 2 more days to go… LUCKY ME!

Anyway: because of all of the Antibiotics this super-sized-zit grew to mountainous proportions: so I decided, when I was looking at a safety-pin, that I could make little holes in the supper-zit because I don’t like razor-blades, not like the sterilized-safety-pin was any better? Which it wasn’t! One hole nothing–two holes nothing–three holes nothing, (mind you that it takes a whole hell of a lot of strength to get past the skin and flesh, so when you get there you’ll feel a pop: on the forth hole it started oozing out of me, and didn’t stop till 15 minutes later?)

I thought the super-zit was just going to get “bigger”, that’s when I decided to use Apple vinegar on it, (vinegar kills most bacteria, accept it hurts like a MOTHER FUCKER, so I’m jumping up an down on one foot and then on the other– praying– but I never cry about painful stuff, I just curse a lot and moan.)

I did this on the same day (*sugar-daddy*) decided that he’s going to go to Victoria Secret and buy me an outfit so we could roll-play and have sex: which didn’t piss me off at first, but I was in a lot of pain, and felt like the most “unattractive woman” on the face of the planet, (he was going to throw money on me? Like that mattered with the way I was feeling?) and if he hadn’t looked like something my cat hacked-up, and then re-ate and re-hacked-backup “almost everything might have been OK,” accept for my oozing-infectious-super-zit: so thinking about an old-drunkard trying to roll-play with me (when I’m sick) really wasn’t making his money look very appealing, so I called him because it’s not just about the money with him, he also keeps telling me: he loves me over and over? Which is supper creepy!

To bad the best thing about him is the way he plays piano, now if we were having sex while he was playing–being with him, might be bearable (I’d have to be blind: he’s an out of control drunk, who can’t drink alone, and I don’t want to drink anymore, whose also a sex-alcoholic, whose never ever satisfied, and makes Ryan Knox whose another x-idiot look like an angle in comparison. (Sugar-daddy even told me, I could tie him up and do things to him? LUCKY ME?) I’d be laughing about this, if it wasn’t me who had been involved, (yes, I did role him, plus he bought me all kinds of GIFT’S… Why? Because I wasn’t going to be with a dude, who smelled like booze, looked like shit, and was constantly-bugging me for sex all the time for free. That’s not to say, that I didn’t appreciate the cash-donations because I did: accept now I have a deep-seeded fear of the vibrator called the rabbit?)

But when he asked me to marry him 7 times in one day, and he looked like the cookie monste after someone stole all his cookies after I said: that’s when I had had it! I don’t know? Maybe there are some really desperate women in the world, but I’m not one of them, so I said NO seven-times, and was asked (why?) all seven times: my answer was; I’m not ready to get married yet! That’s why! (Plus: I didn’t love him, I didn’t love him, I don’t love him, was the other reason.)

So back to the phone conversation: he told me that every time he does something nice (for himself!) for me: I always ruin it? Well if I’m not going to see you, what am I going to do with this outfit? I said: TAKE IT BACK! I said all you want is and that this relationship isn’t about love, it’s about SEX and MONEY! I told him that I couldn’t have sex with him because the day before the AIM doctor told me I was infectious, which I told him about the day before. Maybe he hadn’t been paying attention to me when I said: I guess you’d rather fuck me at my personal-discomfort and make yourself vulnerable to an infection? Rather then just waiting till I’m better because: “you really love me? Ya, right! So at that point with 2 different antibiotics cursing threw my blood stream, and having stabbed myself 12 times with a disinfected safety pin, I told him: shove your money up your ass and leave me alone! Then I hung up my cellphone on his ass! After which I immediately changed my cell-number, so Mr. Stalker/obsessed with me: “would leave me alone.” What does that say? that Money can’t buy you love!

Here comes the fun part for me, myself and I: I thought that self-waxing the Vagina would be easy? Well there’s a reason why those Thia and Chinese women who wax people make $60 bucks a session, because it’s really hard to do it too yourself. The instructions say: heat-wax on high for 30 seconds and check to see if wax is melted by breaking threw the waxy top, that was easy enough. The next step was to cleanse the area with the antiseptic that’s included in the kit and blot dry (easy!), and then use the oil that was included in the kit (easy!).

I decided to start with the top of my bikini area the directions said: “hold the skin down in the opposite direction, and pull in one hard motion–pulling off the wax. The wax and the hair is MAGICALLY gone. Oh, if only it had been that simple, I peeled away ever so slowly–a little of the wax and attempted to pull away the hair (a woman’s pubic area is a very sensitive area). I SCREAMED as I’m sitting on top of my toilet’s toilet seat: it looked like I was a guinea-pig in some sick-experiment by some mad scientist–gone wrong and my super-zit from hell: “started bleeding everywhere” while I was in the process of the MAD-WAX, legs-sprawled, wax on the floor and reaching for the green- wax with a giant Popsicle stick: that looks like what Doctors use to look at people’s tonsils.

I actually started sweating from the pain (I thought cutting myself was painful, I thought stabbing myself with a safety pin was painful): nothing compared to the PAIN of waxing. One little wax strip after another, until “finally” my whole-bikini-area was hair free, jumped up and down with: was on top of the world, and felt like NOTHING could stop me now!I had mastered the pain of waxing, and have decided that I’m brave enough to wax my legs too. YES! We’re talking about FUN-TIMES now? guess the guys who are left in my life, will be happy about the waxing?

In conclusion: shaving leads to ingrown hairs that can turn into staff infections:which suck! And on the flip-side: “waxing really sucks!” I don’t have any advice for my readers accept, (don’t try being a Doctor with a razor-blade or safety pin at your house.) I might still have to have the surgery anyway? Hopefully not, I’ll see what the Doctor at AIM says, I’m going back Monday, wish me luck.

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Porn News!

Angela Aspen tells us what’s on her mind!

angela aspen72(2)


Ron Jermey literally running to catch the bus. Bri Olson eating girls out on the party bus. Lisa Sparxxx causing laughter serzers! Derrick Pierce… the only male talent with us, having a line waiting out his door of horny porn stars ready to fuck. Kayden Kross sucking off Derrick in front of a HUGE nudist resort crowd that was suppose to be a Bikini Contest. It turned into a Boy- Girl Blowjob scene. Delilah Strong is getting married next week and says she is retiring but fuck! I saw her pole dance and she loves this way too much to retire, right? Jessica Drake and Kaylani Leiare the sweetest hottest bodys in the planet. If anyone says shit it is only because they are severely jealous and cannot get over their own cellulite!
I am definitely starting my own opinions. The biggest freak hands down is Bree Olson. On-and-off-camera. Not just that, but girls in the biz for several years are so mean to (new girls) like myself but Bree sat down beside me and chatted it up, the same with Ron Jeremy. He is the coolest laid-back guy; most guys who are in the biz too long just look right through porn girls. They are so desensitized by porn girls they almost seem to hate them. Not Ron and not Derrick Pierce. Read the whole story at

Mariah tells us what happens

mariah milano72


Hey everyone. I’m NOT in jail. I did get arrested for getting into a fight in the parking lot of the hotel on my way to the after party. I was drunk from doing shots with my girls at the Night Moves Awards Show and had some weirdo fan approach me in the parking lot. He was asking me to sign photos and take pic’s and I was out of porn star mode. I was in no shape to take pic’s so I refused and he called me a bitch. I was with Savannah Stern and she asked him to leave and he talked more shit. I ended up hitting him with my shoe lol and he pressed charges. He had 2 other fucking weirdoes with him who gave statements saying I hit him which I did but he got up close to me and was really fucking scary so I hit him. I admitted it to the cops and went to jail for about 6 hours. The cops were very nice and the charges were dropped. Read the whole story at

Rebeca Linares talks about Porn

rebeca naked blkd72


Rebeca, you shot more than 700 porn movies, and you have been nominated for the AVN awards several times, in fact in this last ceremony you had 9 AVN awards nominations, ¿Do you think that now is time that the AVN gave you the reward you deserve for all those years of hard work in the business? Well sweetheart, if they had put me in the list of Foreign performers of the year probably I would have won a lot of awards, but I have no idea about why they never put me in that list, they always put me in the list of American performers, in fact I am really honored for being in the USA performers’ list but hardly I am going to win any award being there. I am not American, I am not a contract girl for any company, and of course I am not going to do any “personal” favors to any director or producer in their private’s offices or apartment. Read the whole story at

Sasha Greys German photo shoot

Sasha Grey in German GQ


She has a great ass and a sluttily attractive face, but who wants to hear any philosophizing from this slightly post-adolescent brat who has probably never worked a real job in her life skates by in life by renting out her orifices. See the whole story at

Porn Star escorting rates are falling


Wow, the prices are falling for pussy, the 300 Club Porn Stars on the radar at $500 or less.

When calling a 300 Club girl, you are potentially leaving a LOT on the table if you do not also ask her if she does doubles, and with whom.

What Do Porn Stars Twitter?

With Exxotica being last weekend, the Porn star brigade was tweeting a away. There ramblings were funny.

Lisa Ann – Doesn’t seem to have a clue on what she is doing with twitter, but then again with being one of the top in demand porn whore’s I guess she can ramble all she wants. “thereallisaann Ok.. So last night… it was crazy… I had a blast.. I’m sorry for sending out my drunken tweets that made no sense…..”

Teri Weigel – Really seeks attention. Always after Ashton Kutcher “aplusk rt I guess Ill never text me. I’m disappointed. I’m very educated and come from upper middle call family. Makes me sad. Teri weigel “ and Tom Cruise to respond to her; saying she’s a Playboy Playmate. She never alludes the fact that she’s a pornstar prostitute. So if they need her they can purchase the time.

Julia Ann – Sounds like one down to earth woman, who connects more then on a pornstar level. She keeps you up on other things in her life.

Kylie Ireland – Sounds like a true porn whore; who enjoys her career path.

Not all were at Exxxotica:

Diamond Foxxx – Does a great job! Always letting you know what she’s up to with many interesting photos. So if you’re a Diamond fan you always know who she is fucking, which is great info.

Catalina Cruz – What the heck was she thinking:

“Just a heads up. For yrs many of of u have been requesting private 1 on 1’s. Next week, I will be available privately for a limited time.”
9:41 PM Sep 24th from the web

“I’ve been flooded w/ emails & tweets about privates. Just to clarify.. this is 4 private cyber shows. wow u all r some horny ppl. love it!”
11:54 AM Sep 25h from the web

Bree Olson might quit porn due to phobia?



Ever since a mishap on a flight several weeks ago, Bree Olson has had a fear of flying. But according to her latest post on Twitter, it has gotten to the point that she considering leaving the industry:

“It seems like nobody takes me serious about my fear of flying. But it’s getting to the point to where I might have to quit my job about 6 hours ago from Tweetie ”

I hope it doesn’t come to this, because I think its always best to face and overcome one’s fears. And selfishly, because she’s one of the best girls in the biz. But if its stressing her out this badly, perhaps it would be for the best.

Pictures form Adultcon on Flickr

adult con and flicker


Of Bagels and Cuckolds

porn and bagles


Remember Alexis Golden? She used to post here for a short while. Just like her BFF, Janet Mason, Alexis is an ancient whore who fuck mostly blacks for her website and porn companies low-class enough to hire her. They also escort.

Just like Janet, Alexis has a Caucasian cuckold hubby. His name is “Ty” most likely as in “Tyrone’s bitch”. Ty’s fugly(see picture below). Ty is jobless(well, to be fair he’s in charge of twittering his wife’s black lovers, asking them questions like what kind of ice cream they prefer). Ty is slovenly.

Recently, Alexis has decided to give her otherwise useless husband a purpose in life and ordered him to write her blog for her. It’s not a good read. He turns out to be a judgmental fuck (“Is it Halloween year round in LA? What the fuck? Can’t the people in that city restrict dressing up like vampires and dead people to one time period a year?”), makes hollow threats (“I’d like to send some of my NY friends, Vito and Tony to visit this prick. He’d be limping for quite some time.”) and is often quite unstable (“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP”). See the whole story at

Sierra Sinn anti-porn vid?


LOL – Porn is disgusting and ruins lives says Julie… formerly known as Sierra Sinn. To help you put her anti-porn public service announcement into perspective, we have provided some visual aids and samples of her work. We’ll miss you honey… thanks for the memories – your interracial anal creampie will live on forever on the Internets!

A comenter writes: 2009-10-07
The best part of this PSA is she complains a couple of times about how sore she is after. The thing about porn is that these sluts always have you believing that no one is big enough. Now we know that isn’t the case!

The 10 porn things

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted these (2008 FLOP Posting) and I need to reference:

#1: whores lie

#2: male performers have NO stroke value

#3: way too much man-ass in hetero porn (please minimize the use of the
dreaded “ball-cam” angle. Any amount of time that the dude’s ass and nut sack occupies 70% of the screen is too much)

#4: double-pen in the same orifice is gay

#5: Generally, European porn stars are much dirtier than their American counterparts

#6: when a dude is getting it up the ass, no matter if it’s from a woman, tranny or another dude, it’s gay

#7: if you have a small dick and fuck like a chick with a strap on you shouldn’t be a stunt cock

#8: interracial gangbangs demonstrate how far we’ve come as a country regarding race

#9: if she doesn’t do anal, and she’s not Christy Canyon, she’s not a legitimate porn star

#10: piss, vomit and/or scat ain’t sex(y)
See the entire list on at:

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The Apocolipse and Treasure Hoard Sheds Light On the Dark Ages

Apocolipse Predictions!

Sources by Mark Stevenson

MEXICO CITY — Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly “running out” on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it’s not the end of the world.

Or is it?

Definitely not, the Mayan Indian elder insists. “I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff.”

It can only get worse for him. Next month Hollywood’s “2012” opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House.
At Cornell University, Ann Martin, who runs the “Curious? Ask an Astronomer” Web site, says people are scared.

“It’s too bad that we’re getting e-mails from fourth-graders who are saying that they’re too young to die,” Martin said. “We had a mother of two young children who was afraid she wouldn’t live to see them grow up.”

Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.

A significant time period for the Mayas does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012, including one that happens roughly only once every 25,800 years.

But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials such as one on the History Channel which mixes “predictions” from Nostradamus and the Mayas and asks: “Is 2012 the year the cosmic clock finally winds down to zero days, zero hope?”

It may sound all too much like other doomsday scenarios of recent decades – the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Jupiter Effect or “Planet X.” But this one has some grains of archaeological basis.

One of them is Monument Six.

Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost didn’t survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.

It’s unique in that the remaining parts contain the equivalent of the date 2012. The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation.

However – shades of Indiana Jones – erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible.

Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico’s National Autonomous University interprets the last eroded glyphs as maybe saying, “He will descend from the sky.”

Spooky, perhaps, but Bernal notes there are other inscriptions at Mayan sites for dates far beyond 2012 – including one that roughly translates into the year 4772.

And anyway, Mayas in the drought-stricken Yucatan peninsula have bigger worries than 2012.

“If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn’t have any idea,” said Jose Huchim, a Yucatan Mayan archaeologist. “That the world is going to end? They wouldn’t believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain.”

The Mayan civilization, which reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy.

Its Long Count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and the 13th Baktun ends around Dec. 21, 2012.

“It’s a special anniversary of creation,” said David Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin. “The Maya never said the world is going to end, they never said anything bad would happen necessarily, they’re just recording this future anniversary on Monument Six.”

Bernal suggests that apocalypse is “a very Western, Christian” concept projected onto the Maya, perhaps because Western myths are “exhausted.”

If it were all mythology, perhaps it could be written off.

But some say the Maya knew another secret: the Earth’s axis wobbles, slightly changing the alignment of the stars every year. Once every 25,800 years, the sun lines up with the center of our Milky Way galaxy on a winter solstice, the sun’s lowest point in the horizon.

That will happen on Dec. 21, 2012, when the sun appears to rise in the same spot where the bright center of galaxy sets.

Is it just another spooky coincidence?

“The question I would ask these guys is, so what?” says Phil Plait, an astronomer who runs the “Bad Astronomy” blog. He says the alignment doesn’t fall precisely in 2012, and distant stars exert no force that could harm Earth.

“They’re really super-duper trying to find anything astronomical they can to fit that date of 2012,” Plait said.

But author John Major Jenkins says his two-decade study of Mayan ruins indicate the Maya were aware of the alignment and attached great importance to it.

“If we want to honor and respect how the Maya think about this, then we would say that the Maya viewed 2012, as all cycle endings, as a time of transformation and renewal,” said Jenkins.

As the Internet gained popularity in the 1990s, so did word of the “fateful” date, and some began worrying about 2012 disasters the Mayas never dreamed of.

Author Lawrence Joseph says a peak in explosive storms on the surface of the sun could knock out North America’s power grid for years, triggering food shortages, water scarcity – a collapse of civilization. Solar peaks occur about every 11 years, but Joseph says there’s evidence the 2012 peak could be “a lulu.”

While pressing governments to install protection for power grids, Joseph counsels readers not to “use 2012 as an excuse to not live in a healthy, responsible fashion. I mean, don’t let the credit cards go up.”

Another History Channel program titled “Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012: End of Days” says a galactic alignment or magnetic disturbances could somehow trigger a “pole shift.”
“The entire mantle of the earth would shift in a matter of days, perhaps hours, changing the position of the north and south poles, causing worldwide disaster,” a narrator proclaims. “Earthquakes would rock every continent, massive tsunamis would inundate coastal cities. It would be the ultimate planetary catastrophe.”

The idea apparently originates with a 19th century Frenchman, Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, a priest-turned-archaeologist who got it from his study of ancient Mayan and Aztec texts.

Scientists say that, at best, the poles might change location by one degree over a million years, with no sign that it would start in 2012.

While long discredited, Brasseur de Bourbourg proves one thing: Westerners have been trying for more than a century to pin doomsday scenarios on the Maya. And while fascinated by ancient lore, advocates seldom examine more recent experiences with apocalypse predictions.

“No one who’s writing in now seems to remember that the last time we thought the world was going to end, it didn’t,” says Martin, the astronomy webmaster. “There doesn’t seem to be a lot of memory that things were fine the last time around.”

Treasure hoard sheds light on the Dark Ages


Kevin Leahy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme holds a strip of gold Thursday bearing a biblical inscription in Latin, the translation of which reads “Rise up, O Lord, and may thy enemies be dispersed and those who hate thee be driven from thy face.” The artifact is part of a recently discovered hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold. Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press

By Associated Press
Published: 9/25/2009 2:25 AM
Last Modified: 9/25/2009 4:19 AM

It’s an unprecedented find that could revolutionize ideas about medieval England’s Germanic rulers: An amateur treasure-hunter searching a farmer’s field with a metal detector unearthed a huge collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver artifacts.

The discovery sent a thrill through Britain’s archaeological community, which said Thursday that it offers new insight into the world of the Anglo-Saxons, who ruled England from the fifth century until the 1066 Norman invasion and whose cultural influence is still felt throughout the English-speaking world.

“This is just a fantastic find completely out of the blue,” said Roger Bland, who managed the cache’s excavation. “It will make us rethink the Dark Ages.”

The treasure trove includes intricately designed helmet crests embossed with a frieze of running animals, enamel-studded sword fittings and a checkerboard piece inlaid with garnets and gold.

One gold band bore a biblical inscription in Latin calling on God to drive away enemies.

For Terry Herbert, the unemployed metal-detecting enthusiast who made the discovery July 5 while at a friend’s farm in the western region of Staffordshire, it was “more fun than winning the lottery.”

The gold alone in the collection weighs 11 pounds and suggests that early medieval England was a far wealthier place than previously believed, according to Leslie Webster, the former curator of Anglo-Saxon archaeology at the British Museum.
By Associated Press

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