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Porn News!

Angela Aspen tells us what’s on her mind!

angela aspen72(2)

Sources: http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=9104

Ron Jermey literally running to catch the bus. Bri Olson eating girls out on the party bus. Lisa Sparxxx causing laughter serzers! Derrick Pierce… the only male talent with us, having a line waiting out his door of horny porn stars ready to fuck. Kayden Kross sucking off Derrick in front of a HUGE nudist resort crowd that was suppose to be a Bikini Contest. It turned into a Boy- Girl Blowjob scene. Delilah Strong is getting married next week and says she is retiring but fuck! I saw her pole dance and she loves this way too much to retire, right? Jessica Drake and Kaylani Leiare the sweetest hottest bodys in the planet. If anyone says shit it is only because they are severely jealous and cannot get over their own cellulite!
I am definitely starting my own opinions. The biggest freak hands down is Bree Olson. On-and-off-camera. Not just that, but girls in the biz for several years are so mean to (new girls) like myself but Bree sat down beside me and chatted it up, the same with Ron Jeremy. He is the coolest laid-back guy; most guys who are in the biz too long just look right through porn girls. They are so desensitized by porn girls they almost seem to hate them. Not Ron and not Derrick Pierce. Read the whole story at Lukeisback.com

Mariah tells us what happens

mariah milano72

Sources http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=9099

Hey everyone. I’m NOT in jail. I did get arrested for getting into a fight in the parking lot of the hotel on my way to the after party. I was drunk from doing shots with my girls at the Night Moves Awards Show and had some weirdo fan approach me in the parking lot. He was asking me to sign photos and take pic’s and I was out of porn star mode. I was in no shape to take pic’s so I refused and he called me a bitch. I was with Savannah Stern and she asked him to leave and he talked more shit. I ended up hitting him with my shoe lol and he pressed charges. He had 2 other fucking weirdoes with him who gave statements saying I hit him which I did but he got up close to me and was really fucking scary so I hit him. I admitted it to the cops and went to jail for about 6 hours. The cops were very nice and the charges were dropped. Read the whole story at lukeisback.com

Rebeca Linares talks about Porn

rebeca naked blkd72

Sources http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=9080

Rebeca, you shot more than 700 porn movies, and you have been nominated for the AVN awards several times, in fact in this last ceremony you had 9 AVN awards nominations, ¿Do you think that now is time that the AVN gave you the reward you deserve for all those years of hard work in the business? Well sweetheart, if they had put me in the list of Foreign performers of the year probably I would have won a lot of awards, but I have no idea about why they never put me in that list, they always put me in the list of American performers, in fact I am really honored for being in the USA performers’ list but hardly I am going to win any award being there. I am not American, I am not a contract girl for any company, and of course I am not going to do any “personal” favors to any director or producer in their private’s offices or apartment. Read the whole story at lukeisback.com

Sasha Greys German photo shoot

Sasha Grey in German GQ

Sources: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/uploads/444908-1.jpg

She has a great ass and a sluttily attractive face, but who wants to hear any philosophizing from this slightly post-adolescent brat who has probably never worked a real job in her life skates by in life by renting out her orifices. See the whole story at xxxporntalk.com

Porn Star escorting rates are falling

Sources: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?

Wow, the prices are falling for pussy, the 300 Club Porn Stars on the radar at $500 or less.

When calling a 300 Club girl, you are potentially leaving a LOT on the table if you do not also ask her if she does doubles, and with whom.

What Do Porn Stars Twitter?

With Exxotica being last weekend, the Porn star brigade was tweeting a away. There ramblings were funny.

Lisa Ann – Doesn’t seem to have a clue on what she is doing with twitter, but then again with being one of the top in demand porn whore’s I guess she can ramble all she wants. “thereallisaann Ok.. So last night… it was crazy… I had a blast.. I’m sorry for sending out my drunken tweets that made no sense…..”

Teri Weigel – Really seeks attention. Always after Ashton Kutcher “aplusk rt I guess Ill never text me. I’m disappointed. I’m very educated and come from upper middle call family. Makes me sad. Teri weigel “ and Tom Cruise to respond to her; saying she’s a Playboy Playmate. She never alludes the fact that she’s a pornstar prostitute. So if they need her they can purchase the time.

Julia Ann – Sounds like one down to earth woman, who connects more then on a pornstar level. She keeps you up on other things in her life.

Kylie Ireland – Sounds like a true porn whore; who enjoys her career path.

Not all were at Exxxotica:

Diamond Foxxx – Does a great job! Always letting you know what she’s up to with many interesting photos. So if you’re a Diamond fan you always know who she is fucking, which is great info.

Catalina Cruz – What the heck was she thinking:

“Just a heads up. For yrs many of of u have been requesting private 1 on 1’s. Next week, I will be available privately for a limited time.”
9:41 PM Sep 24th from the web

“I’ve been flooded w/ emails & tweets about privates. Just to clarify.. this is 4 private cyber shows. wow u all r some horny ppl. love it!”
11:54 AM Sep 25h from the web

Bree Olson might quit porn due to phobia?


Sources: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?

Ever since a mishap on a flight several weeks ago, Bree Olson has had a fear of flying. But according to her latest post on Twitter, it has gotten to the point that she considering leaving the industry:

“It seems like nobody takes me serious about my fear of flying. But it’s getting to the point to where I might have to quit my job about 6 hours ago from Tweetie ”

I hope it doesn’t come to this, because I think its always best to face and overcome one’s fears. And selfishly, because she’s one of the best girls in the biz. But if its stressing her out this badly, perhaps it would be for the best.

Pictures form Adultcon on Flickr

adult con and flicker

sources: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/uploads/444272-phpBCtvChAM.jpg

Of Bagels and Cuckolds

porn and bagles

Sources: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?

Remember Alexis Golden? She used to post here for a short while. Just like her BFF, Janet Mason, Alexis is an ancient whore who fuck mostly blacks for her website and porn companies low-class enough to hire her. They also escort.

Just like Janet, Alexis has a Caucasian cuckold hubby. His name is “Ty” most likely as in “Tyrone’s bitch”. Ty’s fugly(see picture below). Ty is jobless(well, to be fair he’s in charge of twittering his wife’s black lovers, asking them questions like what kind of ice cream they prefer). Ty is slovenly.

Recently, Alexis has decided to give her otherwise useless husband a purpose in life and ordered him to write her blog for her. It’s not a good read. He turns out to be a judgmental fuck (“Is it Halloween year round in LA? What the fuck? Can’t the people in that city restrict dressing up like vampires and dead people to one time period a year?”), makes hollow threats (“I’d like to send some of my NY friends, Vito and Tony to visit this prick. He’d be limping for quite some time.”) and is often quite unstable (“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP”). See the whole story at xxxporntalk.com

Sierra Sinn anti-porn vid?

Sources: http://www.uselessjunk.com/article_full.php?id=112574

LOL – Porn is disgusting and ruins lives says Julie… formerly known as Sierra Sinn. To help you put her anti-porn public service announcement into perspective, we have provided some visual aids and samples of her work. We’ll miss you honey… thanks for the memories – your interracial anal creampie will live on forever on the Internets!

A comenter writes: 2009-10-07
The best part of this PSA is she complains a couple of times about how sore she is after. The thing about porn is that these sluts always have you believing that no one is big enough. Now we know that isn’t the case!

The 10 porn things

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted these (2008 FLOP Posting) and I need to reference:

#1: whores lie

#2: male performers have NO stroke value

#3: way too much man-ass in hetero porn (please minimize the use of the
dreaded “ball-cam” angle. Any amount of time that the dude’s ass and nut sack occupies 70% of the screen is too much)

#4: double-pen in the same orifice is gay

#5: Generally, European porn stars are much dirtier than their American counterparts

#6: when a dude is getting it up the ass, no matter if it’s from a woman, tranny or another dude, it’s gay

#7: if you have a small dick and fuck like a chick with a strap on you shouldn’t be a stunt cock

#8: interracial gangbangs demonstrate how far we’ve come as a country regarding race

#9: if she doesn’t do anal, and she’s not Christy Canyon, she’s not a legitimate porn star

#10: piss, vomit and/or scat ain’t sex(y)
See the entire list on xxxporntalk.com at: http://www.xxxporntalk.com/ubbthreads/showflat.

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