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Why did Shawna Lenee have a Melt down?

Alexander DeVoe flips lid on Shawna Lenee!


Sources AdultFYI.com rewritten and edited by Jade at the xxxworldofpporn.com

Usually AdultFYi.com isnt to much of a bother with editing and rewrites but today, I just read this story, and Couldnt believe how badly written it was, so I have to fix it or you will have “one hell of a time” trying to read this.

On http://www.xxxporntalk.com this story was a thread from Alexander DeVoe, which was posted on http;//forum.julesjordanvideo.com/showthread.php?t=741:

DeVoe writes;

I usually dont like doing this, but this story really needs to be told, and I have to talk about what happened to Rico while on the set of the Destroyer a new XXX Porn Movie.

I booked the Penthouse Pet of the year Shawna Lenee who works with LA Direct models.

The first problem I had was she didnt show up for the initial shoot date, so I call her agent and they told me; not on the set? My answer to this was; No! Where is she? Shes an hour late and shes missing in action. So her agency tells me; “OK, let me find out where she is?”

After hanging up the phone, I have to tell everyone at the location too hold tight; so the makeup artist and Rico have to chill, until I can give him an update about whats going on. 30 minutes later Lenees agent calls me back and says; “Well we called her and shes sleeping. She says she’ll be there in 30 minutes”.

Two hours later, still no girl; I call the agent back and tell them, that I’m going to deduct 50 dollars for every half hour that she is late. Two and a half hours latter and theres still no SHAWNA LENEEā, so I called her agent to cancel her, and reschedule for two days later.

Two days later Miss Lenee graces my set, with her magnificent presence, she never mentions the fact; that shes late and acts as if this is her first booking with me? Shes the penthouse pet of the year and runner-up and is acting like an unprofessional idiot.

So we proceed to get her makeup done, her hair done, and then we picked out her outfit. She loves purple, all of her wardrobe is PURPLE!

You would think with as horny as she was, and the fact that I had caught her f*cking my P.A., that the shoot was going to work out but then she starts talking about how many years shes been in the XXX industry and tells everyone that shes been in the XXX industry for 4 years. I was totally blown away, from the way she was acting; I thought she had just started in the XXX industry. And then she starts telling everyone, that shes had 3 different stage names in her career as a XXX performer and now using Shawna Lenee.

In the middle of this entire drama, she starts telling everyone how much she loves big black d*cks, but this scene with Rico was her first interracial scene. I’m starting to think that Shawna Lenee is too good to be true. OK, so we start shooting the scene; she stops giving Rico head to say that her eyelash is falling off because they are growing, and that she needs to go upstairs to fix it. She leaves to repair her eyelash, and then comes back to continue giving Rico head. We move up to first position, then cowgirl, but 30 seconds into that position and MISS PENTHOUSE PET says; that she can no longer squat on Rico so we move to another position.

I say lets do regular cowgirl, she says; I cant do it. I tell her that Rico will assist her so that there is no stress on her legs, because Rico will be holding her up. She makes this big announcement that her legs will collapse in 20 seconds, and that she DOES NOT squat on D*CK! Everybody looks at each other in shock! Lenee then informs everybody that she will not be finishing the scene; walks upstairs and gets dressed.

I then go upstairs to talk to her, she proceeds to tell me, that she knows how to give the director a good scene, and that she has been in the XXX industry for 4 years, and that she knows how to make good XXX movies, but because I didn’t listen to her, that my opportunity for making a good XXX movie has passed, because after all shes the star, SHAWNA LENEE!!!!!

The next thing that happened was Rico came upstairs to say lets please just finish the scene. She says; NO! Then she starts yelling at us, saying; WE ARE CRAZY! I said that in 10 years in the XXX biz that I have never dealt with anyone as unprofessional as she was. She then mumbles something about being on set; I said, no bitch you are in my house, so pack all of your shit and get the fuck out of my house now!

Shes out of control and yelling crazy shit and crying, so I had to call her agent and say that she was acting psycho, and that I wanted them to pay me for this craziness!!!

When Lenee went upstairs with her lash episode, she was calling her agent and telling him that she was slapped hard in the face and held down and that we had gagged her, and that she was choked violently with d*ck!!!

This bitch is crazy! It turns out, that she has a history of erratic behavior on other sets as well.

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